Our Story

Welcome to the world of beautiful, sumptuous and delectable pizzas! We’ve been serving the local Perth community for over 40 years now and we pride ourselves on providing top-quality pizza and pasta, using the freshest ingredients. This includes the best gluten-free based pizza you’ll find anywhere.We use traditional yeast free thin style bases. A gourmet range of pizzas compliments the time honored range that hasn’t changed since 1972.

Children's Parties

We are thrilled to announce that, we will be hosting children’s parties and delightful wind-up events every Monday night. We’ll be serving delicious pizza exclusively on those days. Join us for a magical experience and create unforgettable memories for your little ones. Book now and let the Monday magic begin!

We deliver

Our sister restaurant Grissini is now open for Dine in. The dine-in space has been transformed into a modern Italian Osteria. ⁠

Grissini’s talented new chef has crafted a menu that honours the traditions and rich flavours of Italian cuisine, with a focus on using fresh, local ingredients. ⁠